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rue de Warlomont, 12
6824 Chassepierre


Tel : +32(0)61 27 11 59


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La Vieille Ferme    Ambassadeur Orval 



As its name indicates the restaurant « La Vieille Ferme », in Chassepierre, was set up in a typically Gaume style old agricultural side-building. Rue de Warlomont, in the heart of the village of Chassepierre alongside the Semois that murmurs for ever and that illustrates itself each summer by its street artist festival. The establishment is managed by Luc Dejaie and his wife Eliane Etienne. They took advantage of the fitting works made a few months before their arrival in Chassepierre. The framework was ready, it just needed to be dressed. That was done and well done. The welcome is simple and warm-hearted, the kitchen smell of good local produce. During the hunting season the variety is there, guaranteed by closely selected providers. Trained in his native province of Namur in the "Auberge d'Alsace", in Bouillon, Luc Dejaie followed the intuition of his wife originating from Saint-Hubert. The couple plunged into the adventure making good choices, offering a cuisine that has proven itself. The Dejaie-Etienne couple run their "Vieille Ferme" since August 2000. In the souvenirs that he tells with a lot of pleasure, Luc Dejaie says that in the 3Prieuré de Conques" where he worked to better his training, he served King Albert II offering him a dish of potatoes from Florenville that seemed to be appreciated.
Its a cuisine of four seasons that is served in this setting that has evolved over the years benefiting of some welcomed ameliorations. Luc Dejaie manages his buisiness but he also serves more and more banquets, organized in the "Breux" hall in Lacuisine and Florenville. For the end of year festivities, the accent is on the fish of the Semois on bed of spinach, on turkey or also on scallops in water-cress sauce or doe steak ravioli of foie gras Perigord style. Nothing but good produce. In an old agricultural house.

(text by JP Monhonval)

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