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Relaxation, sports and fun are at the menu of your stay

Nature is awaiting you: signposted tours for hiking or mountain biking, trail circuits, horse riding, down the Semois by kayak and during snowy winters, cross country skiing.

The Semois, the water quality of which is monitored regularly, presents bathing areas and fishing enthusiasts will also find their pleasure there.

In the village center, the municipal park Vivy offers its relaxation areas and playground for children.

Bike lovers, if you do not mind height differences, get your bike and browse through the quiet Ardennes roads on circuits that have no other limits than your imagination and your fitness.

Adventure sport at 6 km from Herbeumont, in the direction of Bertrix towards the site "Au coeur de l'ardoise" (in the heart of the slate, a mine), waiting for thrilling sensations. "CapNature" is offering you a sports initiation and some mountain bikes are available for hire.

At 11 km from Herbeumont, Bertrix is offering its sports center including swimming pool and climbing wall

Herbeumont, that's nature, adventure and evasion nearby.

What a pleasure to get back here in the evening, to share emotions and discoveries of the day around a good table.


Herbeumont semois Herbeumont semois